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Cheap Vibora paddle rackets in our online paddle store

Now in the Time2Padel online store you can find the latest news and offers on Vibor-a padel rackets. A highly prestigious firm in the world of padel and with which Time2Padel has collaborated for years. They carry out a manufacture in Spain, where they have their own factory to build all their blades in the Spanish capital. It is this in-house manufacturing and the quality of the materials used that have made this brand a national benchmark with great international projection.

The long history of the brand in the sector has allowed it throughout all these years to know in depth the needs of the players and for this reason it has developed unique technologies to integrate them into its products offering high quality and the latest innovations in the market. sector.

Vibora paddle rackets of all types in the new collection

In addition, the padel brand Vibor-a has launched a reduced catalog for the year 2016 but that nevertheless adapts to the different types of game. A collection that bears great similarities with respect to the previous year with models already known, and awarded by players such as: King Cobra , the surname for those padel rackets whose strong point is power, Black Mamba , for players who seek control and Bamboo , which stands out for its versatility and its great balance between control and power.

And since those players who are still starting out in the world of padel do not need the same characteristics as those who are already veterans, Vibor-a offers a range differentiated by levels .

The new collection includes models aimed at those demanding advanced level players who are looking for a high-performance padel Vibor-a Yarara, Vibor-a Black Mamba or the King Cobra padel racket.

In the female sector, the brand has reduced its models to just one but thanks to its versatility it adapts to any game and even level and is that the Vibora Naya is a model very similar to the Black Mamba offering great versatility for the game but with another design and lighter. And it is that in addition to its quality, the prestigious firm Vibor-a also stands out for offering spectacular designs that leave no one indifferent.

In short, a high-quality brand with 100% Spanish manufacturing and extensive experience in the sector that develops its own technologies to adapt all its models to the different needs of its customers. A sure hit.

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