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Dunlop paddle rackets in our online paddle store

Now in the Time2padel online padel store you will find the best offers on Dunlop paddle rackets, a wide variety of weights and models that will adapt perfectly to your style of play. For Dunlop padel, the search for improvements when making its blades is constant, therefore, it innovates continuously to provide all its products with the latest technologies .

Exclusive technologies of the brand that, together with the combination of the best materials, make the perfect union to offer the best of themselves to all its users. With the aim of providing the highest performance to each Dunlop paddle racket for each stroke of its demanding players .

Dunlop paddle rackets with the latest technologies

The choice of the shape of the Dunlop blades depends on the characteristics of your game and what you want to enhance in it. For this reason, you should choose a hybrid racket if your strokes are characterized by seeking a balance between power and control as with any attack racket in the collection. If your game focuses on control, you should opt for the acquisition of a round shovel that offers you a low balance. On the other hand, if you are looking for an extra contribution of power in these, you should opt for a diamond-shaped blade that offers you a high balance.

It is worth highlighting the revolutionary design of the molds of the Dunlop as the Custom , this mold incorporates a channel in its frame where the weights are applied to gain greater power and control. On the other hand, there is the aeroframe , this mold consists of a frame with an aerodynamic upper profile to give speed to the swings in the attack hits .

The mold design with openings in both arms is called open frame , it produces greater aerodynamics and high stiffness in order to increase the power in the finishes .

Buying Dunlop paddle rackets with incredible paddle offers will allow you to enjoy the best quality to play paddle with options for all tastes.

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