Time2padel was born in 2012 in Madrid (Spain). We are a great team mobilized by a unique sense: to expand padel across the 5 continents

We are convinced that sport is a source of pleasure and well-being. That is why our mission is to make accessible, in a sustainable way, the pleasure and benefits of practicing this sport to as many people as possible.

TIME2PADEL is present in 50 countries with more than 30 stores, in Spain and the rest of Europe, sports specialized in padel. In our physical stores you will find a large selection of sports equipment adapted to all levels and styles of play.

Discover our online sports store in which and learn about the latest launches and sports news such as shoes, equipment, balls, grips, paleteros, accessories and of course a large selection of the best blades on the market.

We are one of the best padel stores on the market, therefore our product catalog is nurtured by top brands worldwide such as Adidas , Head , Mystica, Asics , Bullpadel , Babola t, and many more. We always choose the best selection of sports offers for the client. In the online sports store you will find products for all types of players

Thanks to our logistics and experience as distributors of products in the sector, we can continuously review both our pricing policy and the quality of our entire offer in order to offer our users the best technical - quality - price ratio .

We maintain a firm commitment to innovation in all phases of our value chain: from research and development to sales, logistics, and to grow in an environmentally responsible way.

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