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T2P is the padel website that helps players who need purchase advice for all levels of play. The goal is to provide the best possible option through a clear and simple experience. With products, services and content that improve your patient experience

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Time2Padel, the padel store with the best padel rackets.

Time2Padel is considered one of the great online Spanish padel stores

is one of the main distributors in the sale of all kinds of padel material, both nationally and throughout Europe and part of America.

Our wide range of products, careful customer service and promotion of all kinds of offers in padel rackets through various channels such as the physical store, mail marketing, social networks or online store, makes us leaders in a sector that grows exponentially every year. season.

The best prices on padel rackets, shoes and all kinds of accessories

Do you want to start playing padel? Would you like to change your padel racket? Do you need to buy a gift? All these questions have been asked by many of our clients and the solution passes through our hands.

And it is that in Time2Padel we take perfect care of all the stages of the purchase to strengthen our relationship with customers. For this reason, we have an exclusive customer service department to resolve any doubts that may arise before a possible purchase, as well as an after-sales service that we improve every year.

Padel rackets, shoes and all kinds of accessories related to padel are the perfect showcase that our customers can enjoy. From intermediate levels to advanced-professional levels, rackets for men and rackets for women, going through those chosen by the little ones, the Junior rackets. Padel shoes Asics, Adidas, Babolat, Head and many of the best brands in the sector, and of course the latest in padel clothing and accessories, as well as the best outlet area on the market where you can buy cheap padel rackets from other seasons .

All this seasoned with great discounts and offers that we change every week and that you can see if you follow us on our social networks or if you subscribe to our newsletter, although if you are one of those who prefers to move you can visit us in our physical stores and enjoy the best customer service and a wide selection of padel rackets, shoes or accessories.

News: Padel rackets 2023

It's time for new collections and all brands of padel have begun to parade through the catwalks of 20x10. Bullpadel, Adidas, Mystica, Head, Nox... They have released their entire arsenal and we already have it at your disposal.

Here we leave a list of the padel rackets best valued by users:

Bullpadel Vertex 03 2023: One of the classics of our padel returns to renew another season. Comes the new Vertex 03 2023, a power racket, diamond-shaped and with a groundbreaking design. The Argentinian players Chingotto & Tello already have a new partner.

Metalbone HRD 3.2 racket: The player from Madrid Ale Galán has a new weapon, the Adidas Metalbone HRD 3.12 racket. One of the great creations of the Adidas brand for those players who need the maximum aggressiveness in their game.

Siux Electra ST2 Pro Stupa racket: Siux has returned to the courts with its most carefully selected collection. A collection that includes the revolutionary Electra, an oversize hybrid format model perfect for those players who need maximum power, like Stupa.

Outlet padel rackets: Past collections

At Time2Padel we also have a large stock of padel rackets from previous collections such as the ones we offer you in this list:

Adidas Adipower 3.0 racket: The range of Adipower padel rackets is the most exclusive of its extensive product catalog and it includes the most aggressive model, the Adidas Adipower 3.0 racket with a diamond format, high balance and an innovative design. You can get this cheap padel racket at our padel outlet.

Nox ML 10 Pro Cup racket: A classic of our padel and fetish racket of the Argentine player Miguel Lamperti. This padel racket is one of the most comfortable on the market, offers the best ball output and is made with the best materials on the market. A padel racket that will not disappoint

Asics, Babolat, Adidas... All of them are in our padel shoes section

Padel shoes, possibly the best-selling accessory in the world of paddle tennis, we can say even more than the blades. That is why at Time2Padel we offer the best selection.

A selection that, in alphabetical order, begins with Adidas and ends with Wilson, going through brands with a long history in this sport such as Asics, with its two flagships, the Asics Gel Resolution or the Asics Gel Lima Padel shoes, or one of the brands that have stood out the most in recent years for their great investment in R&D, we are talking about Babolat and its great creation, the Babolat Jet Premura padel shoes, the first 100% padel.

You can also enjoy in our special outlet area the best deals on padel shoes from other seasons.

What services does the Time2Padel online store offer?

At Time2Padel we have always characterized ourselves by offering a complete customer service, from the moment the user requests information from our customer service department until the order arrives at their home.

We work with the best courier companies with the aim that orders always reach their destination within the agreed time, free shipping, personalized after-sales service, payment financing, a safe gift with each purchase and, of course, the lowest price. guaranteed. In addition to various forms of payment so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For Time2Padel, the most important thing is you

At Time2Padel we have a commitment to you, to make you happy and for this we make our customer service department available on either of these two phones (whatsapp only) +34 910 609 684 or you can call or if you prefer we will assist you through our email.

Thank you very much for trusting Time2Padel!

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