RS PADEL padel tennis

Do you know the RS Padel rackets? Discover them in T2P!

RS Sport is a premium Swedish brand created by professional tennis player Robin Söderling. After the rise of padel in Sweden , the firm fully immerses itself in the creation of all kinds of products related to padel: rackets, balls, paleteros, sportswear and accessories .

In this aspect, RS Padel has managed to create a collection of padel rackets with an excellent value for money. Designed to provide the best sensations on the track, you will obtain a magnificent performance in each one of the points. Find your RS Padel racket at Time2Padel.

It has ranges for all audiences and types of players, control, power and a mixture of both, they also have a version for women and those professional padel players who want the best on the court.

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