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Now in Time2Padel you can find the best offers and latest news in Nox paddle rackets, a union of technology and passion for padel. Nox is a leading brand in Spain and with a great international projection with a presence in the American continent (Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, United States ...), in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Finland ...) and even in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates . From its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), Nox carefully studies the needs of players and develops new technologies to offer an attractive catalog adapted to all types of players and levels .

Nox paddle rackets have the quality and technology of a leading and highly professional firm. Before the launch of a new product, a team made up of more than 150 members of Team Nox , advise and support the brand so that it offers the best in the market in its entire catalog. And at the head of this group stands out above the rest the figure of Miguel Lamperti , one of the best players in the world ranking World Padel Tour (WPT) committed to offering his experience to achieve the best products.

Its rigorous study of the market leads the brand to develop the most innovative technology such as the new HR3 Core , a high-density HR3 rubber core that increases power on blows or 3K Braided Fiber consisting of carbon fiber and glass fabric. braided to increase the durability of the face of the blade, among many others.

Nox padel rackets, a wide catalog for all types of players

In the 2016 catalog, the paddle brand Nox offers a wide range of paddle padel rackets differentiated by levels. Those beginner players who want to start with one of the best brands on the market.

For intermediate level Nox offers a wide variety of advanced level models, cheap and balanced blades that will adapt perfectly to any intermediate-advanced level player.

For advanced or professional level Nox offers several models, highlighting the blades for which Miguel Lamperti bets as one of the great classics Nox Ml 10 Pro Cup.

Nox also has its space for initiation padel rackets to serve all those who need a paddle to start playing padel.

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