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Cheap padel rackets Star Vie in our online padel store

In the Time2Padel online store you can find padel Star Vie . Star Vie is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of padel equipment that began its journey in the sector in 2002.

Star Vie knows the way to success and that is why it has achieved great prestige with a formula that is not secret but very effective. All its products are the result of hard work in which innovation is a key point: new forms, structures, materials ... And linked to innovation is technology , which advances day by day to offer greater possibilities in padel rackets. and provide different characteristics to one and the other.

The design also plays a fundamental role to offer in each Star Vie padel racket an attractive, more striking, more discreet aesthetic, with some colors or others so that each player can find their own. Because it is already known, about tastes, there is nothing written.

Padel rackets Star Vie synonymous with evolution and innovation

The Star Vie journey in the sector began more than a decade ago, so its evolution has also been reflected in the blades with the use of new materials to achieve new sensations when practicing padel.

And all these characteristics of the Star Vie padel rackets would not make sense if the efficiency of the product was not achieved. The most important thing about Star Vie padel rackets is their functionality, they fulfill the task that has been assigned to them to perfection. The secret of Star Vie padel rackets is that the decisions made in each of the steps of the manufacture of their rackets are carried out by company personnel, allowing them to know in depth both the padel market and Star Vie commitment.

All these qualities have made Star Vie a highly prestigious brand and proof of this is that it has among its ranks the current leading female couple in the World Padel Tour (WPT) ranking, the sisters Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto or the player who is also a player. professional Matías Díaz Sangiorgio.

In short, a brand that adapts to the needs of the different players and that, having its own factory, knows first-hand its products and the quality of its materials.

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