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Paddle Balls

In our Time2Padel online store you can find the best deals on paddle balls . When it comes to practicing any sport, the quality of the products we use is vital to offer us better performance and allow us to play with maximum comfort.

In the paddle it was not going to be different. Having a quality shovel or shoes is a life insurance that will help us to deploy our game with total comfort. One of the essential elements in padel are the balls and that these are from a prestigious sports brand will guarantee their quality and durability .

Head World Padel Tour paddle balls are those used in the professional WPT circuit due to their manufacture of the best quality rubber and high-density felt that lengthens the useful life of the balls. If you prefer, you can opt for the 24-jar drawer . Also from the Head brand are the Head CS paddle balls, with an excellent quality / price ratio that has been achieved by minimizing costs with simple packaging without the balls losing quality. Made with high-density felt, they are designed to last and last.

Packs, drawers and cans of quality paddle balls

And if you prefer the Bullpadel ball pot at Time2Padel we offer you the approved balls that are used in padel federations such as Madrid. Made with a high-density rubber core covered with wool, they are designed to last, also offering a good bounce and a unique feeling when hitting. Also available in a pack of three cans or a drawer of 24 cans .

At Time2Padel we offer you the highest quality and maximum durability in paddle balls.

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