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Padel rackets Salming

The new collection of Salming padel racket tennis rackets is here! A brand that has evolved over the years and that this season presents us with its collection of padel racket tennis rackets.

Salming, created by a former ice hockey player, Börge Salming , began as a brand whose products specialize in hockey, floorball and squash shoes, very popular sports in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Over time, Salming has evolved, offering a wide variety of products made with unique technologies that only the brand knows how to highlight.

Discover this season the new and attractive padel racket padel rackets , designed for players looking for performance, a unique style and the best performance during the most demanding padel matches.

Salming for all types of players

Whatever your level in the game, Salming has padel racket tennis rackets that adapt to any type of player. From those who are beginning to explore the courts, to the most expert players who enjoy experimenting.

Salming padel racket tennis rackets are made with exclusive brand technologies and a structure that improves resistance and provides you with the control, power or balance between the two that you need to stand out on the court from any point. Developed by padel experts who play regularly

Some of the padel racket blades

This new collection stands out for its designs with an incredibly elegant aesthetic with modern details and the best quality materials that take care of resistance and durability.

Discover more about the padel racket padel rackets and take a look at the Salming Magician S17 or the Salming Hero S21.

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