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Padel Vidar of Båstad

Vidar Of Båstad is one of the Swedish brands specialized in padel launched in 2017, when padel courts had begun to be built in Sweden, since this racket sport had been taking a lot more of a boom in the territory.

Made to give you excellent performance, playability and a unique design , these padel rackets take quality very seriously. Handmade by Spanish artisans, they present designs that make them unique and world class.


All Vidar Of Båstad rackets are handmade in Madrid Spain , which means that each racket is unique and individual, achieving world-class quality.

They stand out for being composed of the innovative Swedish carbon fibers, a much more resistant and durable material than the rest of the others.

The most important vision of the Vidar brand is to provide products that reach perfection and give the player the best sensations during the game. Nothing in these padel racket has been left to chance.


This season we will find a collection of padel racket , sober and unique blades ; that combine a simple and dramatic style that together with Spanish engineering make a production of the highest quality

As part of the collection we find the padel racket Elite racket made of aluminized carbon, it is an excellent option for those players looking for a racket with maximum speed without having to hit the ball too much.

On the other hand, if you are looking for control and security in your game, the CC tour is simply the best option. Composed of 8k carbon fiber , it has a medium hard surface and a much softer core that offers a relatively softer feel. Perfect to achieve a fully controlled game.

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