TEST padel tennis

Exclusive TEST shovel service

In our test paddle service we offer you a selection of paddle padel rackets that you can try before making the purchase. The best way to acquire your ideal shovel with this service.

How does it work?

This process works in a very simple way:

  1. It should be entered into our Test shovels category. Once inside, choose the shovel you want to try and press the "Buy" button.
  2. Proceed to pay the shovel choosing only the card payment method (it will not be valid for other payment methods). The new shovel will be paid as a guarantee, in case of not wanting it, the money will be returned, once it reaches our warehouses and we check that it is in the same state that it was sent, without damage.
  3. You will receive the new blade at the address indicated in the order. The test time would be 4 days from receipt of the Test shovel. (The estimated shipping time will be 24-72 hours)




 ¿CutoIs it hard for me to try a shovel?

The cost of testing a Test shovel is 0 euros if you finally decide to buy it. Our courier will collect the Test shovel and deliver the new model to you. If you do not buy it, we will charge € 14.95 to cover the shipping and collection management costs.


 ¿When will I receive my test shovel?

The estimated delivery times, once the order is placed, will be 24 to 72 hours (working days) always depending on the transport company.


 ¿Can I request several blades to test at the same time?

You can test all the blades you want by doing the same procedure explained above, but if you do not buy it, the management and shipping costs will always be charged.

 ¿How many days do I have to test the shovel?

From the moment the shovel is received by the customer there will be a period of 4 days to test it. Don't forget to organize a match or training session!

I've made up my mind, I want the shovel¿When will I receive my new shovel?

The first thing you should do is contact us to communicate your decision. Then we will send a courier to collect the test shovel. If you want the new blade, we will take it to you that same day to make the TEST> NEW change. If you do not want it, you will be paid the amount of the shovel minus the € 14.95 of management and shipping costs.


 ¿CorHow do I return the test shovel and whatandway I communicate my decisionorn?

Our customer service department will be available to answer any questions and communicate the final decision. It is important to keep the order in mind to facilitate the process and manage it quickly and efficiently.

You do not have to worry about the return, the courier will pick it up to facilitate the management.

-          WhatsApp:+34 638 353 177

-          Landline: +34 911 687 937



You can contact us by WhatsApp or by phone. These are our contact details:

Telephone:+34 911 687 937 / +34 638 353 177 (only WhatsApp)

Our business hours are from Monday to Thursday 09:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday: 09:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


It is important that you read the following information in detailto be clear about all the details of the process:

  1. It is important that the blades are returned in the same conditions in which they are received. In case of damage, chipping or any other type of defect, we will charge you an extra € 69.95. And in case of breakage or major defect we will charge you the total amount of the blade.
  1. In case of delay in the return, we will charge you € 4.95 for each day of delay. If the problem is caused by the courier, please contact us as soon as possible. If after 4 days after the trial period you do not tell us anything or do not return the shovel, then we understand that you have decided to keep the test shovel, so you will not be able to request a refund of the amount paid.
  1. This service is only valid for Spain peninsular zone.
  1. The service is subject to availability in stock. Find out well before making the purchase. We can always give you some alternatives
  1. This service can be requested 2 times a year per user. If you want to try several blades to decide better, we recommend that you order all the blades in the same purchase.
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