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In the Time2Padel online padel store we offer you the latest news in the sector, the most prestigious brands and the best offers so that you can enjoy padel with the highest quality. That is why on our website you can find Ares padel tennis rackets.

Ares padel rackets, a Made in Spain brand

Ares by Vibor-a is the result of the effort made by the Vibor-a in its goal of creating a Made In Spain brand, manufactured in the brand's own factory in Madrid, with the best quality but at more affordable prices. to reach a greater number of players. This is how Ares born in 2016, which with the inclusion of the closed bridge reduces labor and consequently also its cost.

But in addition, the incorporation of the closed bridge offers multiple advantages in the game that are already known to those players who bet on brands such as Akkeron , where most of their products incorporate this feature. The absence of a bridge will widen the striking surface but will also reduce vibrations and increase the durability of the blade, by preventing breakage in this area.

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