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Pala Head Extreme Elite |HEAD |Head Collection 2023
Pala Head Extreme Elite |HEAD |Head Collection 2023
Pala Head Extreme Elite |HEAD |Head Collection 2023
Pala Head Extreme Elite |HEAD |Head Collection 2023

Pala Head Extreme Elite

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Head Extreme Elite 2023, racket with technologies that allow you to play more efficiently. Diamond-shaped intermediate level racket. Fiberglass faces and Power Foam core.


Head Extreme Elite 2023, power racket for intermediate players

Head Extreme Elite 2023 , a racket de pádel meticulously designed to enhance your skills on the court. If you are at the intermediate level, this diamond- shaped racket becomes your supreme choice. Its average weight of 365 grams guarantees effortless handling and optimal control at every point.

Fiberglass and Power Foam

This racket de pádel is characterized by its exceptional construction. The use of fiberglass faces ( Fiberglass ) not only provides strength and durability, but also provides the perfect balance between power and control in each shot. The Power Foam rubber core adds controlled power to your swings, allowing you to hit the ball with confidence and precision.

A resistant and decisive racket due to its technologies

Head 's innovative Auxetic technology present in this racket redefines the rules of the game. By optimizing the response of the racket , this technology adapts to your unique playing style, of exceptional performance in any situation. The smooth face surfaces and optimized sweet spot make it easy to access precise hits while playing.

The Smart Bridge improves the aerodynamics of the racket for superior agility in your movements. The frame, protected by the innovative Anti Shock protector, guarantees exceptional durability even in the most intense matches, avoiding early wear of the racket . The Tubular Tailored Frame adds robustness to the set, providing a feeling of solidity and stability in each masterful blow.

The padded Soft Butt Cap grip provides unbeatable comfort during prolonged sessions on the court, allowing you to avoid unwanted injuries. The design in shades of light green and dark green has an elite style.

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