Paddle accessories

Paddle Accessories

Now in our Time2Padel online store you can visit our paddle accessories section to fully equip yourself for your training sessions and matches. Paddle tennis is a sport that does not require large investments and it is enough to choose an appropriate racket for our style and level of play and some shoes that provide us with the comfort and stability we need to give our shots the desired effect.

Types of paddle accessories

But also if we want our padel afternoons to be totally satisfactory experiences, there are other types of accessories that become essential. This is the case of the protector, a tape that will help us protect our paddle tennis racket from possible blows. Its main functions are the protection of the blade so that it does not suffer scratches or blows that could harm its performance. In our store you can choose to buy protectors from both Star Vie and Time2padel, two paddle products with excellent acceptance.

And if what you want is to keep sweating at bay, the Drop Shot paddle wristbands have a very soft touch and are unisex. With an elegant design in white with the logo in black, these wristbands will be your best allies.

In addition, to buy this or any other product from our online store we offer gift vouchers so that you can give it to whoever you want and that they are the ones who decide what to buy. These vouchers are available from 20 to 40 euros .

In Time2Padel you will find everything you need to equip yourself for your matches and training sessions.

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