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The history of Drop Shot is one of the most recent in the padel market. However, this fact has not prevented it from becoming one of the most important brands in the sector and being present in more than 20 countries . The experience is supplemented by the use of exclusive technologies and the boost that comes with having among its ranks the twelve times number one in the world ranking of the World Padel Tour, Juan Martín Díaz.

Innovation . It is probably one of the words that best defines the spirit of Drop Shot and the main reason why many professionals with several years of experience behind them, including Juan Martín Díaz, have chosen a young brand, with less than a decade of existence. And it is that Drop Shot develops year after year its own technologies that distinguish its blades from the others. This is the case of Curv technology, the great asset that the brand has this year and that it has applied to its flagship shovel: the Conqueror. This technology gives the racket durability, flexibility, power and resistance. With these four characteristics, the gameplay is much greater and the experience, unique.

Drop Shot paddle rackets with innovative technologies

Previously, there have been numerous occasions in which Drop Shot has shown that in the field of padel they have a lot to say. As in the case of the innovative Single Hole System . The researcher Francisco Huera Huarte carried out a study to verify the function of the traditional holes in the padel rackets and came to the conclusion that these hardly improved the aerodynamics and that, instead, they played against the durability of the blade.

Drop Shot has been improving its services year after year to offer them to all its clients. It is no coincidence that among them are some of the professional players at the top of the WPT. If you think Drop Shot is your brand or you want to discover what possibilities it offers you, in our store you have a wide catalog of the firm.

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