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By Claes S. (Uppsala, Sverige) on 22 Sep 2020 :
Product rated : Nox Attraction WPT 2019

Nox Attraction

A very good and easy to play racket.
The center of gravity is right to get good control of the strokes.
A good racket that can be recommended for average players.

By Andreas S. (Avesta, Sverige) on 15 Apr 2020 :
Product rated : Star Vie Aluminium 2019

A really good product

A reallly good product, with a handmade Spain Quality :)

By Reidar K. (Täby, Sverige) on 13 Apr 2020 :
Product rated : Stjärna Vie Raptor Pro 2020


Maximum control, speed and fun in one and same product :) Love it.

By Maria S. (Jönköping, Sverige) on 27 Dec 2019 :
Product rated : NOx ML10 lyx L4 2018

Bra tryck och fart

Ger bra fart på bollen.

By Patrik S. (Höllviken, Sverige) on 07 Aug 2019 :
Product rated : Asics Gel Lima Padel 2019

Väldigt lätt och smidig sko

Satt perfekt omgående.

By Andreas K. (Linköping, Sverige) on 19 Jul 2019 :
Product rated : NOx ML10 Pro P3

Miss the power

+ Great control
- Lacks some power and feels a little heavy and not so easy to handle.

By Ronny E. (Älta, Sverige) on 19 Dec 2018 :
Product rated : Bollar Head Pro WPT

Top performance as always from head

Best ball on the market. Same nice feeling as when you play tennis and use Head ATP. Head knows how to make a god ball in many racket sports !

By Ronny E. (Älta, Sverige) on 19 Dec 2018 :
Product rated : Adidas Carbon Control 1.7 2017

Solid racket with a nice clean hit

God feeling and nice power. Lots o value for the money