In Time2Padel Plaza Castilla are at disposal of our customers a wide and careful selection of paddle blades so they can try them out before making a final purchase. To consult the catalogue of test blades can be informed via phone 911687937 or email ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SHOP TIME2PADEL PLAZA CASTILLA -


In the case that we have the scoop in which you are interested, the procedure will be the following: 1. customer will come to pick up the shovel at our shop Time2Padel Plaza Castilla located in:

Calle San Ramón Nonato 4, corner Paseo the Castellana 234, 28046 (Madrid) 2. To take the shovel test the client has to pay the full amount of the shovel. 

3. the customer will have 48 hours to test the pala and this past time to return it.

(a) in the event that the client decides to stay with the shovel will be a new as well as gifts including the product as we offer on the web. 

b) in the event that the customer decides not to make the final purchase will be returned with the exception of 20 Euro money in rent.