Pack Adidas RocPro 2021 + Paletero Mystica Carbon Attack

Pack Adidas RocPro 2021 + Paletero Mystica Carbon Attack


Shovel weight
  • 360 - 370 gr
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€149.00 €340.00 -€191.00

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Pack Adidas RocPro 2021 + Paletero Mystica Carbon Attack

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The perfect ally for professional and advanced players who Adidas Rocpro Ctrl 2021 orange shovel.

Adidas Rocpro Ctrl 2021 orange

Adidas brand products are already coming to Time2Padel for the 2021 season , all kinds of products, from shoes and clothing to paddle tennis rackets. This year the German brand has surpassed itself again with its novelties, among which is the new Adidas Rocpro Ctrl Orange 2021 shovel.

Control and precision is at your fingertips with the new Adidas Rocpro Ctrl 2021 Orange shovel to generate the maximum balance between power and control . This is possible thanks to its tear format, medium balance and an excellent sweet spot, this series of characteristics will allow you to reach the most off-center balls without any difficulty. In addition, it has both sides made of fiberglass, an elastic material that will allow a faster power of the hits and a higher level of control, balancing the attack and defense game.

For the core of this Adidas Rocpro Ctrl 2021 oragne shovel , they have opted for EVA Soft rubber, a semi-dense material that gives rise to greater sensation and control of movements, which will give the player greater freedom when executing. The hits. The latter combined with the optimized perforation system of the blade in linear format allows the player's freedom of movement to be extreme.

As for its design, it is formed by a black background with a carbon appearance that generates a very attractive contrast with the white color of the Adidas logo. On the other hand, the inner bridge area opts for a fluorine orange that combines with the rest of the upper, making this Adidas Rocpro Cntl 2021 orange more striking.

AtTime2Padel we have a commitment to you: to offer you the best paddle tennis offers on the paddle tennis racket Adidas Rocpro Ctrl 2021 and many other products. Look no further, you will not find a better price in other online paddle stores and if so, we will match it. Guaranteed!

Features Rocpro Cntl 2021 Orange

Game level Professional
Shape Tear
Thickness 38 mm.
Composition Fiberglass, EVA Soft
Weight 345-360 gr Customizable (+ 0-12 gr)

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Game level

Transport everything you need to the slopes with the new 2020 Mystica Carbon Attack Paletero

Mystica Carbon Attack 2.0 racket bag

One of the most acclaimed brands by paddle tennis players, comes one more season with a fantastic collection of rackets, clothing and accessories , always thinking of its diverse audience. An unbeatable collection in which the Mystica Carbon Attack 2.0 Paletero stands out.

It is a giant, large-capacity pallet rack, in which you can carry absolutely everything you need , without the need to leave anything at home. As for its manufacture , it is made with the best materials such as "PVC Rubber" , a thermoplastic material , which is characterized by its flexibility and durability and, which, thanks to its soft and waterproof touch, will make this paletero a delight of any padel player.

Regarding its composition , the size has been optimized , thanks to its "Ergonomic Structure" , which will allow you to carry up to 4 blades, completely protected , in its two pockets , located on each side, one of them thermo, the "Thermo Pocket " . On the other hand, it incorporates a larger central compartment , with the "QuickOpne System" access system to store clothes and everything you need to take to the posts, as well as another ventilated compartment for shoes and / or clothes. dirty , with Easy Fress technology and two other small pockets , one on the outside , where you can store your paddle accessories with great comfort, while the other is located on the inside , to offer greater security to your personal belongings.

The Mystica Carbon Attack 2.0 paletero can be transported through the upper handle , with which you will also be more comfortable to handle it, and through the padding system for transport as a backpack , with padded protection to avoid damage to the back, handles padded and adjustable straps.

Finally, a complement with a modern and avant-garde design , in which the color black predominates over most of the surface of the product, which is combined with the gray color and a gradient from gray to white in the logo and in the name of the brand. A modern and current proposal , matching one of the brand's emblematic blades, the Mystica Carbon Attack LTD.

Data sheet

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