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If you want to find the bestofnews and latest news onpaddle packsVibor-a, ourpaddle tennis online store Time2Padelis the right place.Vibor-ais a Spanish padel brand that manufactures all its rackets in Madrid with the best materials and a firm commitment to innovation, fundamental characteristics that have made it a firm of great national prestige and wide international projection.

His extensive experience in the sector has helped him to learn about the changes in the market and adapt to the different needs of padel players both profesionals as amateurs. In accordance with these needs, the brand has launched a collection for the 2015 season differentiated by levels toofpray yourquality and experience to all types of players. and a brand thatofIt offers great benefits and knows the sector so thoroughly, it could not be missing with our paddle packsVibor-a.

packagesVibor-awith the best selection of padel rackets

The most anticipated launch, the most advertised paddle tennis racket of the brand, the most desired...Vibor-aKing Cobrais a deadly weaponextraordinary powerand imposing aesthetics that will sweep all the tracks together with the comfort of the shoesBullpadelBeta Blue.

If you prefer a more complete set, we present thepackageVibor-a BlackmambaSoftwhere is this big shovelpolyvalenceand track partner of the pr playerofesionalMaxi Gabriel, is very well accompanied by a paleteroVibor-alarge and slippersBullpadelbeta thatofpray maximum comfort. Perfect set to go fully equipped to the track. And if you are looking for the same accessories but prefer acontrol shovel, thepackageVibor-aBambooHe is the right one. But if what you want isexclusiveness, in addition to a power only surpassed by theVibor-aKing Cobra, thepackageVibor-aYarara World ChampionEditionwith paleteroVibor-alarge capacity and slippersBullpadelBeta in blue color is the best alternative.

Also the shovels directed to thewomenthey have a gap in our packs. It is the case ofpackageVibor-aCoral, which includes apower shovelextraordinary and impressive aesthetics. In addition, to round off the set, it includes a paleteroVibor-avery spacious and comfortable to wear and slippersBullpadelBeta in pink. And so that the little ones in the house are not left without their pack, we have combined the highly versatile shovelVibor-aJuniorwith the paleteroVibor-aso that thepromising youngstersthey can go fully equipped to their training sessions and matches.

The quality and design ofVibor-atogether with other high quality products make thepaddle packsVibor-a in a sure hit. In addition, all our paddle packs include accessories such as an overgrip, ball jar and protector so you don't miss anything. Don't think about it anymore and choose yours.

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